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Life After Caregiving

Life After Caregiving   

It's been a while since I last posted and unfortunately, that's what happens when you end up having to deal with things in life that you just need to get through. Although my hope is to help current caregivers in dealing with and coping with their current caregiving situations, being a former caregiver gets in the way of that sometimes as I am now left with learning to live with the "after-care" phase of my post-caregiving life.

As demanding as caregiving is while you're in the midst of it, there is no time to even consider what will happen when your caregiving demands cease to exist. What do you mean "after?" Like most caregivers, I spent every waking second for years on end laser-focused on my precious Momma's heath care, well-being and management of the daily responsibilities to care for her with her debilitating Alzheimer's disease as I was her sole and primary caregiver. Therefore, I could not imagine what a life af…

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