My loving Momma is the reason, the inspiration and the passion that led me to write this blog to be able to share my caregiving experiences with you all. 

I was my beautiful Mother's sole and primary caregiver for the past 20+ years. Sadly, my loving, beautiful, strong, amazing Mother passed away almost 2 years ago from Alzheimer's.  As painful as the last 2 years have been for me grieving my Mother's passing, I now want to help others going through similar situations by sharing helpful information from all my years of experience. While my role as primary caregiver has now changed, I hope to be able to continue helping in a different capacity now.

I feel that it is almost an obligation with as much experience as I have had to reach out to as many of you struggling with the daily responsibilities of caring for your loved ones, to try and offer you some support in whatever way I can be it suggestions, tips, resources and if nothing else inspiration to let you know that you are not alone.  I hope you feel supported and hopefully inspired to continue your life-saving and very difficult responsibility of caregiving for your loved one.

As isolating as caregiving is, there is hope and support online and elsewhere for you if need be. For those new to caregiving and those an old pro at caregiving, I want to offer a slight respite into your life and that given that you are in good health, you too can do this.  If health issues of your own do arise, there are resources out there to help you along the way as well to help you care for your loved one and continue to advocate for them even if you can't care for them directly.

Caregiving is the most demanding and time-consuming venture you will ever take on so my goal is to be of value to you with my first-person experience in the grueling trenches that is caregiving 24/7 for a loved one with any debilitating disease where they need to be cared for extensively long term.

I am not an "academic professional", "journalist", "geriatric counselor", "social worker" or any other "at-arms-length" armchair quarterback calling the shots on a Monday morning after all the Sunday games have been played and merely 'suggesting' what I've read in classes, in books, seen on TV, online or in workshops…I offer first-hand, first-person knowledge from years of physically being my Momma's sole and primary caregiver for almost a quarter of a century. First-person, first-hand, down in the mud experience that speaks to the realities of what caregivers go through on a daily basis. Now that my loving and beautiful Momma is in heaven, I want to share what I can to help you and to make it count as I know all too well that your time is precious as you rarely (if ever) have time to spare.  Time for caregivers to take for themselves is a luxury and I want to be respectful of what little free time you do manage to carve out for yourself.

If nothing else, I hope to be an emotional outlet of support for others going through similar struggles of caregiving and beyond.

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